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About Me



Hello and Welcome to Metro Atlanta’s newest and uniquely wonderful culinary artistic approach to eating and enjoying food, Consume & Confess!


That’s right the culinary delicacies that we offer are so delicious that you are tempted to consume everything in sight. Then you have to confess! You have to tell how good and tasty they are an invite others to journey with you on the wonderful road to good eating!


I’m Erica La'Shun, a Culinary Artist and owner and proprietor of Consume and Confess. Let me extend my personal invitation for you to have the Consume and Confess experience.


Take a look at our site and If you question how this all began, it began with me being drawn to the challenge of creating wholesome and delicious edibles and expressing my creativity as well.  From childhood, I have always enjoyed seeing the smiles on the faces of others when they first see a cake prepared for any occasion – be it a meal at home or for a special occasion-- birthdays, anniversaries, holiday celebrations. And, then I love to watch them take their first bite, and become elated with a taste that truly satisfies.

However, what really pushed and empowered me to become a culinary artist was the birth of my son, who is my favorite tester and cheerleader and my vision board.

While I have been a gifted cook for as long as I can remember, having a desire to work from home made me push toward the goal of starting my own firm that much harder.

So, here I am, Erica La'Shun, Culinary Artist of Consume and Confess. I love creating tasty entrees or delectable confections to share my love of baking.

Go ahead and take a look our interesting menu of delicious offerings. See something you like? Then let me introduce you to any one of the great items from our menu. I would be pleased to take your order.  Just call me - 404.654.0578 and get ready to taste the sweetness of my passion with an order from Consume and Confess!

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